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Alpine Mighty Bed
Alpine Mighty Bed
If you are looking for a firmer feeling mattress specifically designed to offer premium levels of comfort and support, then Mighty Bed™ is the one for you. With extra deep layers of upholstery for comfort and innovative reinforced pocket springs for added support if and when required, Mighty Bed™ is engineered to deal with the needs of heavy sleepers of all shapes and sizes. When supplied with the Mighty Bed™ divan base you will benefit from a 15 year warranty on your purchase. That’s a mighty 5,475 nights, or 43,800 hours of blissful sleep. Headboard Not included.
£1,009.00 from £949.00 inc VAT
Zenith Mighty Bed
Zenith Mighty Bed
The Zenith part of the mighty Bed Range with 2500 Pocket Springs is on show at The Whitehall East Grinstead
£1,159.00 from £1,099.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo Firmrest
Firmrest Over 80 years of design, research and development have culminated in the perfect design blueprint for engineering firm supportive comfort. The Firmrest mattress epitomizes this quest and is unapologetically the firmest mattress in the Dunlopillo spectrum of comfort. Supplied on a Dunlopillo slatted base.  7 Comfort Zones - Softer zones cushion your   shoulders, hips and heels, whilst firmer support provide perfect balance to   allow your spine to be correctly aligned in any  position that you sleep in. Breathable - Latex's open   cell structure is made up of millions of interconnecting microscopic air   bubbles, which not only ensure a very supportive mattress, but also promote   constant air circulation. Pressure Relieving - Latex   provides instant pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to   your muscles. Health and Wellbeing -   Natural latex has anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial   properties. Clean and Fresh - Actipro   technology is used in our mattress fabric to provide natural protection   against allergens, dust mites and odours which help to maintain a clean,   fresh and healthy sleep environment.  
£1,918.00 from £1,339.00 inc VAT
Hypnos Orthocare 12
On display at Martell's, The Whitehall, East Grinstead. Come on in to try the comfort.
£1,446.00 from £1,059.00 inc VAT

Hypnos Orthocare 10
.On display at Martell's, The Whitehall, East Grinstead. Come on in to try the comfort.
£1,086.00 from £799.00 inc VAT
Hypnos Orthocare 8
On display at Martell's, The Whitehall, East Grinstead. Come on in to try the comfort.
£1,062.00 from £779.00 inc VAT

Hypnos Orthocare 6
On display at Martell's East Grinstead. Come on in to try the comfort.
£949.00 from £699.00 inc VAT
Sleepeezee Royal Backcare 1000
The Sleepeezee Royal Backcare 1000 is an extra firm mattress, ideal for anyone who needs orthopaedic qualities in their bed. A firm mattress improves spinal alignment and reduces pressure on your joints therefore, this mattress helps promote healthy and invigorating sleep.This hand tufted, 1000 spring mattress features a unique sleeping surface infused with copper. This helps to redistribute heat away from the body, reduce the symptoms and triggers of allergies and it even acts as an anti-inflammatory to help ease your aches and pains. Reinforced stitching on the sides provides a greater edge to edge support. Side vents help regulate temperature and keep the mattress well aired.Filled with the best wool from British flocks, this mattress offers a wonderful combination of natural and modern fillings. White fibre fillings provide a firmer mattress.
£575.00 from £480.00 inc VAT

Sleepeezee Royal Backcare 2000
The Sleepeezee Royal Backcare 2000 mattress is a Firm tension non-turn mattress. With firmer springs and natural fillings, the Backcare 2000 offers that orthopaedic support whilst easing aches and pains with natural fillings. The natural fillings are made up of layers of British wool and cashmere offering breathable layers helping to keep your mattress cool and fresh. Below this layer is a white fibre filling this filling has hypoallergenic properties to help relieve potential issues with allergies. Then is a layer of 2000 pocket springs these springs are firm for an orthopaedic feel. The individual pocket springs react independently to pressure and weight supporting you correctly and allowing for correct spinal alignment. This mattress has edge to edge support meaning you can sleep right up to the edge without it sinking, or sit on the edge without the border collapsing. This mattress comes with a 5-year guarantee.
£769.00 from £640.00 inc VAT
Shakespeare The Orthopaedic
Special Offer
Shakespeare The Orthopaedic
The Orthopaedic is an open coil style mattress using 12.5 gauge springs with extra firm fillings. This contributes towards correct posture, to give all the support you need for a good nights sleep.
from £319.00 inc VAT